AlphaRep: a new platform dedicated to the selection of artificial protein binders

Agathe Urvoas Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC)


We have designed and assembled a large library of artificial repeat proteins named alphaRep. AlphaRep proteins binding tightly and specifically any predefined folded protein can be selected out from this library. AlphaRep generation does not require animal immunization and gives rise to renewable, sequence defined, binders. Specific alphaReps are soluble, efficiently produced, disulfide-free and extremely stable. These artificial proteins can be easily modified (fusion, dimerisation, incorporation of fluorophores, tracers, etc.) and can be used as protein tools in various contexts including Structural Biology and Cellular Biology.
The platform offers generation of alphaReps that bind with high affinity and specificity any chosen protein target. Information and contacts:

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