Single Particle Cryo-EM : from specimen preparation to data collection

Dr Olivier Lambert (DR CNRS, CBMN, Université de Bordeaux)
  • Quand ? Le 29/09/2021, de 16:00 à 17:00 (Europe/Paris / UTC200)
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Olivier Lambert is a structural biologist using cryoEM methods for structure determination of protein complexes. He obtained a PhD at the University of Tours (1994) for his work on the architecture of several respiratory complexes determined by single particle cryoEM. Then, after two postdoctoral stages (University of Groningen and Institut Curie in Paris), he got the opportunity to develop methods to reconstitute membrane proteins in lipid systems amenable to structural EM studies including SPA and tomography. Nowadays as a team leader, his research activities are focused on bacterial multidrug efflux pumps involved in the antibio-resistance.

Online presentation (pdf format)