X-ray and electron detection - technology and how to use it for best data

Andreas Förster Ph.D., Dectris LtD
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Andreas studied biochemistry in Jena, Germany, and obtained his PhD at the University of Utah for structural and biochemical work on proteasome-activator complexes. A Marie-Curie Fellowship then supported a two-year stay at the Institut de Biologie Structurale in Grenoble where he studied the bacterial type III secretion system. In 2007, Andreas moved to Imperial College London to work on the hexameric ATPase p97 and later the type VI secretion system. He coordinated synchrotron access for local research groups and helped with data collection and analysis. Later, he became the manager of the x-ray crystallography facility. In early 2015, Andreas moved to Switzerland to work for DECTRIS, the leading manufacturer of detectors for x-ray crystallography.