Watching molecules dancing in the cell

Dr. Dino Moras
  • Quand ? Le 19/04/2022, de 16:00 à 17:15 (Europe/Paris / UTC200)
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Dino Moras, emeritus research director at CNRS, is currently “professeur conventionné” at the University of Strasbourg. After completing a PhD in chemistry in 1971, he moved into structural biology with his research focused on the expression of genetic information and its regulation. His major contributions include the partition of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases into two classes (1990), the first structure determination of a class II aaRS-tRNA complex (1991) and the elucidation of the mechanism of aminoacylation. In the field of transcription his focus has been on nuclear receptors of hormones. with the first crystal structure of a ligand-binding domain (RXR) in 1995. Using an integrative approach, he solved the crystal and solution structures of several receptors bound to ligands, DNA and cofactors.

Topic of the Webinar : Watching molecules dancing in the cell.
After a short journey through the evolution of structural biology and the present state of the art of crystallography and cryo-EM,we will show how the combination of optical methods and cryo-tomography open the door to the cell at atomic level.

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