Biology at different scales, an interplay between physics and biology

The school is aimed for PhD students and early-stage researchers. Participants will learn how a biological problem can be tackled using an integrated approach, going from atomic resolution to the level of a whole organism level. The school also aims at showing how physics can contribute to model biological processes. Several topics will be covered: cell and tissue morphogenesis, role of membranes at mesocopic and molecular scales: remodeling and transport processes, concepts and methods from physics applied to biology, state-of-the-art experimental approaches, links between cellular and structural biology. The concepts and methods will be illustrated with two research fields, Plant morphogenesis from gene to flowers, and Exocytosis and morphology of the synapse. The topics developed during the lecture are inspiring for any biological question, which needs to bridge these scales.

The school combines biology with physics in a rather unique way, and provides good opportunities to discuss with the teachers and with participants coming from various fields.

We can offer reduced fees for a number of participants.